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Max Clients Allowed ZoneFlex7363 & ZoneFlex7762

New Contributor
I want to know the maximum number of clients that can be associated to a ZoneFlex7363 and ZoneFlex7762, ZoneDirector puts the default 100, What would be the recommended maximum?

Valued Contributor II
Hello Rosa Martínez Martin,

Starting firmware version 9.3 - ZoneFlex7363 and ZoneFlex7762 can support max upto 256 clients. Please note: 256 is for open WLAN with no security and numbers would reduce if encryption is enabled.

for more info - refer PDF page 6 to

Increased Number of Clients Supported:

With 9.3 release, certain ZoneFlex 802.11n Access Points can associate up to 256 clients, distributed across either radio or all on a single radio.

This feature can enable 3G network carriers to offload the data traffic from a larger number of clients to higher-speed Wi-Fi networks.

Customer Benefits:
• Increased scalability for high-density environments (eg. auditoriums, transportation hubs, ...)
• Improves mobile subscriber Internet experience

Availability ZoneFlex 802.11n Access Points (7300 Series, 7962, 7762, 7762-S, 7762-T, 7761-CM,) with software release 9.3

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some more on this topic, take a look at below link at pdf page 3

starting firmware version 9.5 - Increased Client Count to 512 for 7982 and 7762- AC

ZoneFlex 7982 and 7762 - AC APs now support up to 512 clients per AP when no WLANs with encryption are enabled
Availability: ZoneDirector with Smart/OS software release 9.5 on supported Access Points

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Thanks a lot!

New Contributor
And, How manyu is WPA encrypted is enabled?