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IOS16 ruckus network compatibility problem

New Contributor

I'm continuing to have the IOS16 ruckus network compatibility problem ("you are not connected to the Unleashed network" message at login attempt). I've been able to download and install the latest firmware that was recommended as a fix but the problem persists. Is anyone continuing to have this problem? Is there an additional step/steps needed to resolve the issue? Thanks.




What type of WLAN are you using ? Is the client able to connect and get this error while surfing internet/opening browser ? or is client failing to connect the WLAN itself ? Other OS device works fine on same WLAN ?

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Vineet, thanks for responding to this. The problem I'm still having is accessing my router through the unleased app. This is the known issue with IOS16 incompatibility that is posted on the home page of this board and that was expected to be fixed with version 200.14 of the router firmware that was released mid July. I am a Lennar Home user of the Ruckus AP. I use WPA2 as the security protocol on all my networks. Based on this do you have any further suggestions. I can repost this to the Lennar Home user segment of this board if that would be preferable.

@Bothjmail2day  Unleashed release had the fix for the IOS Security DNS issue though for the mobile app version was delayed due to some improvements. The fix is ready and we are waiting for the approval from the apple team. ETA for this approval and new app fix is next week.

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