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How to migrate AP's from failed smartzone to replacement smartzone

New Contributor

I have a SZ 100 that appears to have a failed hard drive, with around 10 AP's on it. How would I go about migrating the AP's (once I have all the correct licenses) to a replacement controller? I can't just default them, as some of the AP's are in places that are not easily accessible, so that's not really an option.


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Are the inaccessible APs connected to the wired network or are they using mesh?

If they are on the wired network, you can easily recover.  Howerve, if you're using mesh, hopefully you have a config backup or the mesh ssid and psk.  If you don't have one of those, you will have to retrieve the AP.

The solution is easy if all APs are on the wired network.  Disconnect the old SZ from the network.  Load the old SZ backup config to the new SZ.  If you don't have the old backup, give the new SZ the same network info as the old SZ (same IP, GW, and mask).

If using a different IP for the new SZ:

(a) If you're using DHCP option 43, configure the dhcp server with the new smartzone IP and reboot all the APs (cycle power). They will then connect.

(b) If all APs are on the same subnet with the new SZ, reboot the APs (cycle power) and they will discover and connect to the new SZ.

(c) If using DNS to provide the SZ address to the APs, fix the A-record to resolve to the new SZ address. 

(b) all APs are on the same subnet,  

Nicely explained @david_black_5940365 !

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