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How can I send SMS guest pass to a visitor from my Mobile phone (not katell or twilio account) ?

New Contributor II
I have created a Guest Access WLAN so i can generate the guest pass and i configured correctly the Email Server (send email to guests is ok) .
For now i need to configure the SMS settings, but i have only 2 possibilities (via katell or twilio, i tested with twilio free account it's passed but i should have a credit every time).
My need is how I can send sms to guests from my personal mobile (National provider)

RUCKUS ZD1100 and APs:ZF7363

Thank you in advance,

Esteemed Contributor II
Hello Daoudi,

    Currently, only twilio or clickatell SMS gateways are supported with ZoneDirector 9/8/9.9 firmware.  Please present your business case to your Ruckus account rep to submit a Field Request on your behalf, to our Product Marketing managers, for their consideration.

New Contributor II
Hi Michael, i would like to thank you for your information ,
plz if there is any new information in futur about my needed thanks to send me.

Best Regards,