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Fingerprinting not getting information from Chromebooks ...

New Contributor
Ruckus Fingerprinting is not getting the information from Chromebooks, Fields "OS/Type" and "Hostname" are blank. how can we get these infos? Is this a setting we need to modify on Chromebooks?

Many thanks,

Valued Contributor II
Hi Roman,

OS Fingerprinting on Ruckus is based on DHCP requests hence i think couple of reasons why it would not work:

1. Use of Static IP.
2. If OS info in DHCP requests from Chrome device are blank hence you see this.
3. If Junk OS info in DHCP requests from Chrome device which not known to Ruckus system may also cause this.

If your issue falls into last two then you may have to check further like trace the DHCP traffic to see whats chrome is sending to be sure.

Hope this helps.

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus does have an open ER-1162 filed for this issue, but the problem appears to be that Chromebooks do not provide the same DHCP Option 60 information in different versions.