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Extend ruskus network outside

New Contributor

Good Afternoon,

I have 2 r510 inside my house that gives great coverage. Each one is hard wired to the ruskus switch. I need to extend my network to my backyard without running network cables to the back yard. What is the best solution?


Valued Contributor

The R510 APs support Ruckus SmartMesh. Therefore I would recommend enabling SmartMesh, with either Unleashed, Ruckus Cloud or SmartZone controllers and purchasing a suitable Ruckus outdoor AP (e.g. T310 or T350) to deploy outdoor.

Please note, you will need a good SNR outdoors from your existing APs for a good Mesh connection to establish. 25dB SNR @ 5GHz is a good starting point, you should be able to measure this using a free Wi-Fi 'sniffing' tool for your laptop. Don't use a phone to measure as it will (usually) give you a weaker signal.