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Downgrade T310S

New Contributor

I want to Downgrade a T310S to allow control by a Zone Director...


T310S System Version:

ZD 1200 System Version: build 189


The T310S is a new AP.


I have 7 licenses. 6 are being utilized by my current AP’s, leaving 1 unused.


I can ping the ZD 1200 from the AP and I can ping the AP from the ZD 1200.


The AP does not appear in the ZD 1200 AP List. This is the issue. If it would appear, then I would at least be able to attempt to adopt it.


In the ZD 1200 event logs, this AP presents as a “Rogue” AP.

2021/05/30  11:14:13



A new Rogue[28:b3:71:fe:b3:d3] with SSID[Configure.Me-3EB3D0] is detected



I was able to connect to this SID and do some basic configuration, i.e. Change the SID, Change the IP. But still cannot get it to connect to the ZD 1200. I read in a post that to make this happen, I would have to revert the AP to a previous firmware version.

Hi Robert,

The AP is running Unleash platform code and I doubt that is the reason it is unable to update its code and connect to ZD. Can you first give a try and update the AP to below standalone code, this should mostly fix it.

1) Perform F/d on the AP.

2) Download below Code.

3) Upload on T310 and once completed validate AP has ZD IP and is connected by AP command "get director".

Best Regards


I have updated the AP to the 110 release posted. The "get director" shows no IP for the ZD and states that the AP is in stand-alone mode. What are the commands to add the ZD ip address and change the mode.

Robert, execute the below command on AP :

set director ip <ZD IP>


Best Regards


Valued Contributor II

Just make sure, that ZD  has firmware version supporting T310 AP.