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Deploy Ruckus WIFI over a 3rd party network

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I am trying to deploy a WLAN infrastructure using RUCKUS SZ100 and Ruckus access points over a network based on cisco switches. I can't start mentioning the issues i am having with this. If anyone has had this experience and solved it, would you please help us by detailing the required configuration for this ruckus to work properly.

You're going to have to give some specifics as to your problem. Ruckus runs fine on Cisco switches. We have hundreds of AP's deployed over Cisco networks without any special configuration other than basic networking principals like vlans and trunk nports

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Hi Dave,
here are the problems I am having with Ruckus.
     - Every random period, AP heartbeat is lost and the AP is disconnected even though I can ping it via the controller.
     -Many WLANs have been created, only one WLAN's clients can get a DHCP address. Eventhough this WLAN has no different configuration than the others and the APs all ping  the gateways for other WLANs.
     -I keep making the NTP server for the SZ100 our core switch but it always adds up an hour for the time provided by the server. (no idea why !!!!)
     -H500 APs can not get configuration from the controller because "it is illegal to change country code" or at least that's what the SZ100 says.

I asked for an example of a working configuration so I can try it and see if this solves the issues.


Depending on AP model heartbeat loss may be a firmware issue (a lot of those issues have been fixed in firmware) or a more fundamental network issue. I'd start by getting to the latest firmware and go from there. There is also an advisory available suggesting you disable green ethernet options on the switch if you see this. This isn't the advisory I was thinking of but recommends the same solution

Are all these WLAN's are on the same VLAN? If not you'll need to setup IP Helpers to point to whatever your DHCP server is on the gateway for that subnet/vlan

That's likely either that one of the two devices has an incorrect timezone set (likely the SZ100) or possibly your daylight savings rules have changed and you need a newer firmware that includes those updated rules

What country code is set for the zone they are joining? My guess is your H500's are country code locked and that the country code of the zone they are being put in is set to something other than they are locked too

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Subnets and VLANs have to be straightened out. Then routes between them.