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Code 186 Classified rogue AP

New Contributor

Unless I'm missing something, this is the saddest most worthless alert system that I've ever seen. In two weeks, I've gotten a half million alerts (code 186) from our controller with approximately 20 AP's.   I just upgraded to of the Virtual SmartZone Essentials in hopes that this might have been fixed but continue to get Rogue alerts "because of rogue classification policy {policy[No policy matched], rule [No rule matched]}  I want to alert based on AP's broadcasting the same SSIDs as my managed AP's.   That's a malicious AP.   I don't care about SSID's detected from AP's that don't match ours.  Between cell phone hotspots, cars, and neighboring businesses -- we pick up huge numbers of AP's that the system then declares as "Classified rogue AP".  

The unleashed firmware seems to have a sane selection menu where you can choose to report only malicious rogue devices of type "SSID-spoofing".  Can the same thing be accomplished on the more expensive Virtual Smartzone software or not?   I'm very tempted to convert all of our R730's to unleashed firmware and manage them individually because of this. 


New Contributor III

R730 isn’t compatible with unleashes. 
mom pretty sure you can filter this alert but I don’t see the quantity you are so haven’t implemented it myself. I’ll take a look too. 

New Contributor

Great, they're even more worthless than I thought.  It's not that Unleashed would have been a good option anyway.  I'm hopeful that there's some setting that I just haven't discovered to filter  these messages but when it's detecting rogues without policy or rule matches -- I'm not holding my breath.

New Contributor

Did you find a solution ? I have exact same problem.