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Changes afoot in the RUCKUS Community forums!

Contributor II

Hello RUCKUS community!

We are working up various changes to improve this community, some of which are already in motion, and some of which are coming soon.  We'll keep you posted about those changes as they arise, but I wanted to give you a heads-up about the biggest change---a reorganization of our community structure.  

Our goal is to simplify and streamline the community, in order to make discussion easier to find and follow, to ask questions and get answers.   Here's the scoop:

  1. Some older product discussions will be moving into a new EOL Products category, and I just moved FlexMaster there today.  The old forum is at and the new forum location in the EOL Product category is at

    I created a shadow post in the old forum to help direct folks into the new one, and so you can see what that looks like at

    Our intention is to move the Topics for RUCKUS Diagnostic Dashboard (RDD), SmartCell Access Points, and ZonePlanner into the same EOL Products category, as time permits (but soon!). 

    Note that if you were Following the old FlexMaster category (or the others after they move), you'll need to re-follow it in it's new location, since the Follow functionality is tied to the community structure in the back-end. 

  2. The existing Products & Services category will be streamlined quite a bit:  we plan to slim down from the existing 23 different product-based topics in 1 category to 15 product-based topics in 2 categories.  The old Products & Services category will be renamed to RUCKUS Technologies with 12 product-based topics, and we'll split out the "services" piece into a new RUCKUS Services category with 3 topics (one for this existing RUCKUS Community & Online Support Services topic, and two new ones for the new RUCKUS Technical Family Communities categories/topics, and the existing RUCKUS Training & Certification topic).

    As an example, the old RUCKUS Indoor APs and RUCKUS Outdoor APs topics under the Products & Services category will be consolidated into a new single Access Points topic in the new RUCKUS Technologies category.  Here's the full list of the new RUCKUS Technology topics as they're planned today:

    Access Points
    Cloud & Analytics
    Cloudpath Enrollment System (ES)
    IoT (Internet of Things)
    RUCKUS at Home
    RUCKUS Network Director (RND)
    SmartZone and Virtual SmartZone
    Unleashed & ZoneDirector
    Wireless Questions and Best Practices

    The final list may shift around a little, but that's where things stand at the moment.

If you have comments and suggestions, feedback and ideas, we welcome your input! 😃

Allan T. Grohe Jr.
Knowledge Management Program Director
for RUCKUS Customer Services & Support

Contributor II

The rest of the forum restructuring changes were completed yesterday and today.  All of the old topics have pointer posts to help redirect to the new topic location if you had previously bookmarked the old one. 

There are a few forum categories and topics that still lack pictures, which will be fixed in the next week or so. 

If you have any Qs/concerns, please chime in here, and thank you for your patience while we continue our digital renovations 😄

Allan T. Grohe Jr.
Knowledge Management Program Director
for RUCKUS Customer Services & Support