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Can a device be forced to connect to only a certain AP?

New Contributor II
Hello, I was wondering if it is at all possible to make certain devices only connect to certain APs? For example I want Device 1 to only connect to AP 1?

Valued Contributor
The easiest way to do it is to set a unique SSID on each of your APs and configure clients to associate to only that SSID.

New Contributor II
Also I'm unsure if you know the answer we have some devices connecting to AP's that are much further away than the nearest one. Any ideas why that may be occurring?

Hi Brain,

Have you done the Rf site survey before the deployment ?

AP selection is a client decision. I don't think there is anything to set in the ZD/controller for the client to connect to an specific AP.Each client has its own way to connect the AP depend on s/n, interference, signal strength (RSSI) etc.

We should deploy the AP correctly with 15% cell overlap with proper power levels.

There could be alot of reasons for this behavior .

1.Laptop/Device NIC drivers
3. very high Tx power on far end AP
4. Poor AP cell overlap ( It can cause roaming issues as well)

Try to disable lower data rates on the far end APs.
Update the driver of the client devices.
See if it helps .