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Bandwidth Control

New Contributor II
I know how to tell how much bandwidth an AP is using - but how can I tell what a specific user is doing? Basically, how can identify someone that is abusing the system and can I rate limit them without banning them? Is there any way to automate that procedure?

Hi Dave, our SMEs typically work M-Fridays but I think I found a KB that will help you:

Let me know if you can login and see that.

If not, try searching our KB here:

Not sure if the first article really tells you how to track a specific user, but it does talk about user-based rate limiting on WLANs.



Valued Contributor II
The general stats available in the ZoneDirector give you a pretty decent idea of how much traffic each user is using. If you turn on Application (L9) visibility, that might help too -- so make sure you're up to date with recent firmware that enables this ability (I believe it was added in 9.8).

Cordelia pointed towards the appropriate documentation for rate limiting abilities on Ruckus. Note that the Ruckus form of rate limiting / throttling is supposed to be more optimized for wifi airtime usage than throttling further downstream. Without this wifi awareness that allows bursting, counterintuitively the act of throttling a user might be more detrimental to your network speeds because it causes them to occupy more airtime and more often.

If you want more visibility into user activities and their bandwidth usage over time, it might take a solution at the gateway / firewall level. There's a lot of good products there both in terms of "equalizing" / traffic shaping and also in terms of accounting for what sites / categories / users are your bandwidth hogs.  Note that Ruckus doesn't make any of these, or officially endorse / recommend a specific one ( so I won't go into specific brand names.

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May I please follow up on the above -

1. There are supposed to be stats in ZD (I have 1100s - both on version 9.4) that show how much bandwidth and individual client is using? (I haven't been able to locate that yet).
2. Where exactly can one see how much bandwidth a specific client is using? Or even how much bandwidth a specific 7363 AP is using? Either one would be great.
2. If one has 9.8 then you could see what apps are using bandwidth.
3. Does one have to have support in order to be able to get to the links above? So if I don't have support no way to see any of those links?


Valued Contributor
There are "stats" - numerical and visual - not as clear as I'd like but you can get an idea of who's doing what and how much.
BUT NOT WITH ZF7363, they do not support this level of reporting even if your ZD is on 9.8 or later.

Two screenshots from ZD1125 on 9.10 b218
Kings group (all on 7363) shows no useful traffic in none.
Oak group (all on R500) shows usage per client...for instance the big blue wedge is on IP and you can see that IP belongs to an ipad called Nursery12. Not brilliant but good enough if I needed to chase down a hog  (not a worry in my scenario).

Pics are 1280px so you can see the detail.

KINGS site (7363)

Image_ images_messages_5f91c422135b77e24797d3e0_d57fe7f81b3a4e897b3c83dee1c7114f_RackMultipart2015042914423xlxc-db5ba83b-b730-4cbb-aea4-a3bd9dbb02bf-1716679279.jpg1430311354

OAK site (R500)

Image_ images_messages_5f91c422135b77e24797d3e0_c55ace7e6d4db6fc512fbb9f5d93b45a_RackMultipart20150429144231xtb-389aa3a7-851a-4f9b-b995-128dce02155c-599604206.jpg1430311458