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Bandwidth Capabilities and Performance Improvements over CAT6

New Contributor

Explore the bandwidth capabilities and performance enhancements of CAT6 over CAT5e and CAT6A Bulk Cables. Share insights on how CAT6 enhances network speed, reduces crosstalk, and supports higher frequencies. Discuss real-world applications and user experiences with CAT6, highlighting its advantages in modern networking infrastructures.



not quite sure if this is serious or just a link to a seller's site....

i do actually wonder why someone would be promoting cat6 in 2024 over cat6a. bulk cable pricing for cat6a is even cheaper as cat6 in my experience. terminating the cables on patch panels has more requirements as cat6, but any decent cabling company should have no issue with this.
the niche cases where cat6 makes sense (density, bend radius) are quite specific.

also, half of commscope's portfolio is based around cabling & almost everything related:

perhaps someone from commscope can provide us all some insight? 🙂