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Active Directory for captive portal WEB authentication sometimes fails

New Contributor II
200+ users using an wlan office with AD for captive portal WEB authentication login.

Sometimes a user received a login web portal failed message [reported devices android tablet/phone or windows7 laptop] while the same AD account is working and active when login on another device on the same wlan office. When using wlan guest on the same device, it works. Before this happened, login with this device at wlan office was just fine.

Checked AD account on ZD and test returns with "Success!"

Is this just a local device browser issue? or..

Using zd3k, firmware

Valued Contributor

I suggest you to open a case with Support to look at this in more detail.
Please send them also the ZD debug file and the AP log and make notes on date/time when it happend so they can look through your log files.


Valued Contributor II
Hi Arne Staal,

I have some thoughts on this...

first bring the controller to latest and greatest firmware.
second, when it fails, Note the time and please chk on the MS server event viewer if it gives you any clue.
third, if THAT AD account is working with failing device then see if during fail times, was there a brief network outage causing this issue..

Hope this helps.

Hi Arne Staal,

Monnat is right , MS server should give some clue . Look into the NPS log for the failed transaction . Also verify the time set on both ZD and Server (Should be in sync ).


New Contributor II
Hi Monnat and Munish,

Seems to be on the involved windows laptops the problems solved it selfs?!? Don't know what happened. ZD joined only 4 new AP's, no other configuration changes where made.

Only one android device is still reporting this issue.

I am working to collect this android device on which the problem occurs so that I can perform a number of tests. Due to closing of the year and holidays I am afraid this android device will be available beginning of next year.