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APs fail when they lose communication with ZD300?

New Contributor


I am having reports of some problems related to the unavailability of WLANs when the APs lose contact with the ZD3000. The discovery is made via L3, and the authentication of the WLANs are all local, that is, everything should work, since the ZD300 is managing only the APs, but does not provide any authentication service, such as captive for example.

I know that there is a configuration in the ZD300 for “Auto Recovery”, where we can configure the APs restart cycles in case they lose communication with the ZD. In my scenario, this function is disabled, that is, I understand that the networks must continue to function, as the APs would not enter the restart cycles.

We are working on version build 28, due to the need to support legacies, and we cannot switch to more current versions for now.

Can someone help me? There are some limitations to this scenario.




Hi Vagner,

This behavior is as per design. If APs cant reach ZD, WiFi will not work.

For hardware redundancy (Active-standby) you can install another ZD3000 and enable smart redundancy, in case one of the controller fails.

Upgrade to SmartZone or virtual SmartZone, as APs do serves client while controller is down or APs can reach the controller.

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