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wifi4eu with Cloudpath

New Contributor

Has anyone put a WIFI4EU scenario with Cloudpath into production?

Valued Contributor
Hi Rui,

WiFi4EU requires a lot of portal appearance and behaviour customisation.

We have provided support for this customisation within Ruckus Cloud. 

Alternatively, with SmartZone, the customisation can be provided by one of our eco-system partners such as Purple and Linkyfi.

I hope that helps,

Valued Contributor
Following further discussion with our product specialists, we now believe it may be possible to deploy for WiFi4EU using Cloudpath.  However the portal appearance and behaviour will require customisation to adhere to WiFi4EU's mandatory requirements.

New Contributor

We have a strange situation regarding the integration of Cloudpath with WIFI4EU

On our side, we set up the WIFI4EU network with Captive Portal configured on Cloudpath

We have authorized in the white list the two DNS addresses that are identified in the WIFI4EU technical document

Our users successfully connect to the wifi network, validate the terms of use and the enrollment process is complete on the Cloudpath side

On WIFI4EU systems they can only verify 1 successful call / complete enrollment every 24 hours despite having several successful enrollments every day

Does anyone have any idea where the error might be?