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[ISSUE] Android CNA has problems opening Cloudpath APP.

New Contributor
Hi All,

Currently I have a Cloudpath VM (Version:  5.2.3585) installed on my server. Everything works fine when I connect to the cloudpath network with a windows machine.

Now when I try to connect to the open SSID with an android device it starts promising:
1. I go to Wi-Fi settings and connect with CloudpathOpen SSID.
2. Automaticly Android CNA opens and I arrrive on the Cloudpath landing page.
3. I accept the user agreements and login as an employee. No problems so far.
4. Now I arrive at the install the network page. When I click the button 'Install The Network' I get this error msg: net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME

First I thought that it might be something in my settings but when I opened the chrome browser and I got redirected to the cloudpath landing page again and went through the exact same steps as I described above I was able to click on 'Install The network Button' and the Cloudpath APP was actually opened.

Is there anyone else having the same problem? Is this a problem with Android CNA?

I tried bypassing Android CNA or actually any CNA but by doing so the user will not know it is behind a captive portal unless they will go to a webpage and get redirected to the Cloudpath landing page. However when a user tries to surf to an https website the user will get a certificate error.. So this is not a option either.

I hope someone can assist me with this matter.

Kind regards,

Screenshot of error msg:
Image_ images_messages_5f91c3dc135b77e2478b5476_053415bea036c45d48ddb54ad4d711af_RackMultipart2017110715503173m-ad12b63b-d0e2-412d-a0b4-a22b68e3dc9f-186518084.png1510070525

New Contributor II
This is a bug with Android. Use an actual web browser, i.e. Chrome, to load the onboarding URL and it will work.

New Contributor
We're also experiencing this problem on Android, we've thousands of clients so the solution to use the full web browser is not an acceptable work around, any further update, alternative workarounds or fixes to resolve this problem?

Esteemed Contributor II
Cloudpath ES 5.2.3918 is the current release version, with latest bug fixes on our side. 

Or please open a ticket with Tech Support for deeper investigation on a known problem device.

New Contributor
The ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME error is commonly because of your browser issue . There's no application on your device which can handle that particular action. It is a Chromium bug . In Chrome version 40 and up, this bug has resurfaced, but only if you are manually entering the URL of the redirect page in the address bar. The issue is on the chromium issue tracker here