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command to know ports

New Contributor III

In one switch some of cctv are not working ,  I have cctv mac address and ip address , but I don’t know on which port they are connected ,can anyone let me know  command from which ii can identify those cctv ports.

New Contributor III
the following command will show all mac address's with VLAN and port number

show mac-address  

device> show mac-address

Total active entries from all ports = 3
Total static entries from all ports = 1

MAC-Address       Port        Type      VLAN
0000.0034.1234    1/1/15      Static    1
0000.0038.2f24    1/1/14      Dynamic   1
0000.0038.2f00    1/1/13      Dynamic   1
0000.0086.b159    1/1/10      Dynamic   1

New Contributor III
hi shane, 
how are you , thank you to provide command . may i have your whatsapp number if you dont mind .

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