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cloudpath slip users with google byon

New Contributor

How can I separate the users that log in via google in cloudpath, if I want to identify them from the employees and the guests, they all enter with google.

RUCKUS Team Member
depending on how your users are being managed in Google, you can perform a split based on the email address.  if you have google hosting your email domain, you can do a google login step, then create a step that calls a split based on the received email address. "" splits to a workflow where you provide a certificate, "" splits to a guest workflow. 

make sure to inform your employees to use their work email address to login, not their personal or address. there isn't really a way to differentiate within the same email domain if they are using personal email addresses, although you could also email them a voucher prior to performing the onboarding (assuming you have a list of employee email addresses) and then require the voucher as a step in the employee split.

New Contributor III
In addition to what Dave mentioned, if you are using Gsuite and/or have gmail domain, starting Cloudpath 5.4 (ETA in Dec) you can look at group membership and distinguish the users over SAML auth.

Is Okta supported as an iDP via SAML auth?