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Severe flaw in WPA2 - cracked

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Aruba reports that they were informed by the author of the research paper in July & by CERT in August. Imagine same for all vendors. Plus many (if not all) have been participating in industry level discussions

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Pretty annoying issue and surely not the best time to get it public, but I don't get why this issue is still persistent since it was reported to the vendors in August/Septembre.  Actually there's one customer after another calling and asking what they can do and when they can expect a solution. Not cool, to have no answer ready...

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Dont forget though that the infrastructure is only part of this issue. Even after controllers & AP's have had a 'fix' applied there are still vulnerabilities from the client side, which is actually the source of the issue, can only be addressed by the client manufacturers. As i understand it, It affects infrastructure vendors because sometimes their AP's act as a client like when using mesh for example.

Here's a link to their FAQ on the issue:

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And here's Meraki's which is excellent IMO:

Deathly silence from Ruckus...

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From my chat session they plan to take their time... They have a response slated for the second half of today.