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Severe flaw in WPA2 - cracked

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I've raised a P2 Case (ID: 00565627).

According to the security section of the Ruckus site ( the CVE's covered by Krack have not been addressed.

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This is big, ruckus had better act quickly on this. I also expect them to release patches for some of the older chains of firmware. We have perfectly usable 802.11n access points (7363) in use that are locked to the 9.12.x chain. It would pretty much mean the end of our relationship with ruckus if we were forced to upgrade these for a security patch. 

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Aruba has released fixes for older versions of firmware but only ones the deem 'under support'. Ruckus doesn't view firmware in the same way but based on the fact that the recommended i would expect them to be going back a little way on the firmware list at least to 9.12 

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Yep, end of support for the ZoneDirector 1100 for example is June 30th 2020, and it is stuck on ZD1100 (MR2 Refresh) Software Release
I would expect an update for this from Ruckus very soon.

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My understand is that this issue was something vendors were previously notified about.  So, the fact that there doesn't even appear to be a proposed timeline for a fix is not acceptable - especially since some vendors are already releasing patches.

Very frustrating.