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Prerequisites for deploying Cloudpath ES first time

New Contributor II

Hi all Ruckus team,

My company need to deploy Cloudpath ES for adding authentication to Azure for our Smartzone environment. Is there any documentation or information about prerequisites or minimum system requirements to deploy Cloudpath ES on our On-Premise Server? Thanks in advance.


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @a_ridwan9 

Below is the minimum hardware requirement for deploying the Cloudpath o On-Premises.



The complete steps are mentioned in the below link page 34 section "Deploying the Virtual Appliance to a VMware Server"

Here is the Cloudpath and Azure integration guide.


Hello, @sanjay_kumar,

Thanks for replying my post. On that capture, only mention about vCPU and RAM/Memory. How about storage size? Thanks in advance.

Hi @a_ridwan9 
The OVA file should take it by default. HDD space is about 100 GB required.