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Cloudpath and Ruckus One

New Contributor II

Hello everyone,

I am trying to deploy the Ruckus One that connecting to the AP in our premise, and it is manageable. I also tested a few authentication from Ruckus One, like Captive portal and DPSK, PSK etc. It works fine.

But I wonder what I can do to integrate with the Cloudpath. Is there any idea can share here? So I can start testing and integrating with both systems. 

Cloudpath workflow has been setup to test integrate with the Azure authentication, but not deployed to anywhere yet. 




RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @Timothy_MTS 

If the Workflow has been configured, then we have to use the Cloudpath workflow URL on the redirection URL on the SSID confiig of the Ruckus One.
Create the SSID and use Hotspot and select Cloudpath.
If you are using Cloud based Cloudpath, then the server IP is detected automatically. If the Cloudpath is onpremises, then we have to provide the NAT IP of the CP on the SSID settings.

If you face any issues or need any assistance, then you can contact our support team so that we can assist you.

New Contributor II

Thanks @sanjay_kumar

I am still unsure the following situation. I want to fully utilize the Ruckus wireless (Ruckus One) and the Cloudpath to protect the enterprise. 

I defined a few groups as corporate staff, guest, staff with BYOD, other devices like TVs.

So for the devices like TVs, I think I will use the PSK from the Ruckus One. I guess that some of the devices may not be able to access through to Cloudpath.

So for the BYOD devices like handphones and tablets from the staff, I think I will put them Cloudpath DPSK.

So I am not so sure about the internal staff. Do I need to deploy the certs into the laptop and everything the laptop turns on, it would be automatically get authenticated through that SSID/Network?

Hi @Timothy_MTS 
The config should work.
For the Internal staff, you can setup Open SSID where the clients can connect to and go through the CP portal for onboarding via AD\Radius Auth. Once done we can install the cert on the Client and the Secure SSID (New SSID with Radius auth) profile.
So that the client will connect to Secure SSID next time.

You can contact our support team so that we can setup it for you if you need.