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Cloudpath InTune Integration & SANs

New Contributor

I have successfully used an InTune configuration profile to issue certificates via Cloudpath using a SCEP key. I need to populate the SAN in the certificate Cloudpath issues, but the fields are empty. The InTune configuration is sending the InTune Device ID as a SAN but it would appear Cloudpath is ignoring that in the CSR. Can anyone shed any light on how to configure a SAN in the certificate issued by Cloudpath?


RUCKUS Team Member

Hi @tobias_heaton ,

What do you see as  Username in Cloudpath enrollements, you will need to updated the SCEP profile with the SAN.


Please share screenshot of the Intune SCEP profile if possible.

Vijay Kuniyal

Staff Technical Support Engineer

CCNA RnS | CCNA Wireless | CWNA | RASZA | Meraki CMNO | RACPA

New Contributor

The InTune SCEP profile is sending the CN which is working fine, and we also configured a SAN field that is not getting populated in Cloudpath. I opened a ticket with Ruckus and was directed to use the advanced settings in the certificate profile, but there is no ability to use enrollment variables in those fields. Cloudpath is simply not capturing the SAN fields set in the InTune configuration. I tried multiple attribute/values pairs in the SAN field, none of which I'm seeing in the Cloudpath request.