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CloudPath - NetworkWizardLoader-xxxx.exe detected as virus by Windows Defender

New Contributor III
Hi, we are using Cloudpath 5.5.4464 to on-board our wireless devices. Since last week we have noticed that Windows Defender running latest update blocks the on-boarding downloaded file (NetworkWizardLoader-xxxx.exe) as virus.

Meantime we are manually allowing the file to download/run on Windows Defender.

Has any one faced this issue ? And is this something Microsoft has to fix or the CloudPath ?

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

New Contributor II
Yup  flagged this when we were running 5.5 .. was a bit worse than just defender, was a lot of AV packages. Still getting occasional false positives with the 5.6 version

New Contributor
We still get the network loader wizard flagged as malware by Symantec Endpoint Protection.  No clue why, but we disregard it.