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Certificate generated by Cloudpath for clients using vouchers is having incorrect expiration date

New Contributor

Hello Everyone, 

Issue :  Certificate generated by Cloudpath for clients performing authentication using vouchers (out of band verification/Voucher from sponsor) showing incorrect expiration period than that is being configured under the certificate template


  • The clients configured to perform authentication using a voucher and post successful authentication a certificate should be installed on the client 
  • This certificate is getting generated with a validity(expiration) period different that is being configured under certificate template 
  • If we generate a certificate manually using the same certificate template, it will have the correct expiration date 

Root Cause :

  • Default days of access set on vouchers are not zero


  • Go to Manage access-> Sponsored access-> Voucher lists->select the voucher-> Voucher format 
  • Ensure that the maximum days of access is either set to 0 or set same as that of the expiration period configured on the template 
  • The default value for the number of days of access granted to the user after redeeming the voucher. If this value is greater than zero, it will override the certificate template.
  • If set to zero, the value in the certificate template will be used.


Aparna Vijayan