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Anyone else having issues with iOS and OSX not showing the captive portal login?

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I have a case open with support now but was wondering if anyone else has issues with the captive network login not popping up on iOS or OSX.  The iOS device was running version 12 and OSX High Sierra.  If I connect to the onboarding SSID (WISPr) on Windows, ChromeOS, or Android I get a notification that I need to sign into the network.  On OSX and iOS nothing happens.  I have made sure the bypass CNA checkbox is not checked on my SSID but still nothing.  Even tried removing everything from the Walled Garden but still nothing.

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Can anybody help me configure my ruckust r610 I cannot get the configure me come up under network

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Does this have anything to do with iOS and OSX showing a captive portal login? 

If not, please start a new thread/topic. is the default SSID for Unleashed.

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I figured this out in my environment.  On the controller under the portal settings I had to enable smart client support.

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We are having this problem.  Changed smart client support, removed all entries in walled garden, created new one from scratch, but won't pop up in iOS.  I've had a case open for over a month and month and support won't even reply any more.  I think they've given up.

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Some iOS devices are not redirected to the Captive Portal when the user gets connected to WiFi network with iOS device. The Captive Portal is not triggered automatically when is the testing domain accessible. If the testing domain is not accessible, CNA (Captive Network Assistant) popup is shown.

The iOS and Mac OS X devices check for the following domains which are hosted on Akamai network: 
and other domains used for this purpose by Apple 

If the domain is accessible and returns "Success", the Captive Portal is not triggered automatically. "Success" response means the device is connected to the internet. 

How to test it on iOS:

1- Connect to your WiFi network 
2- Do not connect through Captive Portal
3-Open regular Safari browser and enter the "" to the URL
4-If you get the "Success", the Apple's domain is accessible

Check your Walled Garden settings or your FirewallPolicy.

The and domains and IP addresses have to be inaccessible to unauthenticated users