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ICX 08095e和ICX08095f版本发布,来看看解决了哪些问题

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ICX 08095e & 08095f版本主要说明摘要

  1. 没有新增功能
  2. 缺省开启SSH。缺省用户名和密码. super/sp-admin
  3. 解决的主要Bug问题:
  4. 08095f解决的主要Bug问题
    1. FI-250749:After adding and executing batch file, the standby unit reloads unexpecetdly.
    2. FI-250969:Upgrade from 8090 to 8095 and ICX will be losing connectivity to devices whose arp entries are configured statically with static ARP inspection feature turned on.
      1. Work around: Remove the authentication source-guard-protection enable at the interface level and add thesource-guard to the VLAN and do source-guard binding
    3. 08095e解决的主要Bug问题
      1. The standby unit reloads unexpectedly when "no ip dhcp-client enable" command is run[FI-249102].
      2. ICX7550 / ICX7650 / ICX7850 port connected to VDX will be down when connected with 1G SFP[FI-202413]
      3. After adding the VLAN on an interface, the Port state changed to blocking[FI-241626]
      4. FI-243073: Outbound SCP session may kill the SSH session that it was initiated from
      5. FI-235801: In switch mode, ICX management VLAN outband interface might broken after system reloading
      6. FI-239069: port microflaps on connecting to ICX7150-stack retimer ports (1/3/4 or 2/3/4)
      7. FI-250280: User may experience that the end devices get IP address [through DHCP or otherwise] but cannot reach the internet and devices on local network
      8. FI-225203: ICX port might be stuck in down state after peer Cisco device port flap