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Error values on our Ruskus T310c

New Contributor

Our client is trying to access a server from one building to another over a mesh connection between two T310c (it happens all over the site, so I don't believe the mesh to be causing this). But this got me to investigate the main link here. Upon investigation I found some errors in the log file - I have asked ruckus support what these values mean (as i can't find them in the PDF manuals i have found) but didn't want to fork up the support cost just to find out. 

The ones that stuck out to me (though unsure what they are 100%) are:
HWSCH Error (0..3) :0, 4130534, 283, 10
599851 FCS error -Which i understand to be CRC errors, correct?
35633993 PHY errors since clearing all stats (rx_phyerr)
648209 MPDU errors (mpdu_errs) -can't find anything that solidifies what this error is or what causes it

TX Error Stats
36567 dropped mpdus flush / peer caching (cpdu_dropped_flush)
6245 dropped mpdus ttl (mpdu_dropped_ttl)

If there is a PDF document on what these errors are, that would be fantastic. 

Also trying to get a customer to pay just to find out what these mean is a bit harsh imo.

Thanks anyone who responds.