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calibrated points on map but in map view icon does not move

New Contributor
we have setup a map and setup an aisle in the warehouse to test your product. after doing the calibrate the points (setup in 9ft grid squares). I go back to map view and the blue icon does not move and no where close to location. we have set up four ap's that are in a zig zag pattern and about 25ft about apart. we are doing the calibration on iPod and not iPhone so the compass does not work. When we first started it worked fine, but the only change has been moving the ap's closer for better accuracy. we are in testing the product to see if it works in our warehouse.

Esteemed Contributor II
What Ruckus product(s) are you using?

New Contributor
currently we are using 4 Ruckus zoneflex 600 series for our test

It sounds like the Smart Positioning Technology (SPoT or vSPoT) product, right?
You might be best served by contacting your local Ruckus Systems Engineer who is familiar with SPoT
if you've gone thru all the documentation.