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Use Ruckus Unleashed mobile app to hide SSID of wireless network

New Contributor II

To hide or unhide a wireless network SSID, I must use the Unleashed web interface. I would like to have this option in the Ruckus Unleashed mobile app.


New Contributor III


I am assuming you want to hide a wireless network SSID on a Venue? To do that you can select Venues tile from the dashboard -> Select the Venue -> Scroll down and select the Networks tile. Here you should see a switch against each network that you can turn on or off for a network.

Image_ images_messages_6080cf8fa31fd9684f28791d_4009aa875a0ab431362d92298a08fc95_ScreenShot20210421at6.19.45PM-7ca9bde8-3d87-48aa-9d66-c3034ae95a61-803668914.png

That screen doesn't look familiar. I'm using the Ruckus Unleashed mobile app, selecting the WLANs screen, then selecting the wifi network in question. I want to hide (or show) the SSID for the given network via the mobile app, which is not possible in the current version, 6.83.5.

Hi! By hide or show do you mean you want to disable/enable the WLAN? If so you can click the power icon on the Network Details page.

Image_ images_messages_6080ebacf065e372e646e60d_e5099910b40c92bc35b29f60211cb1b2_IMG_FB27315C9C1F1-a87fd2ab-9a95-4e92-9725-b2e4323d1f1a-1239479667.jpeg

Please note that if you are using local WLAN to do this you will lose access to this WLAN if disabled. In that case you won't be able to connect to the Unleashed network using the WLAN. And if there is no WLAN then you will have to connect a laptop with wire with your Unleashed Network to enable the WLAN.