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The ruckus SWAT app only gives 0.0bps?

New Contributor II
We recently installed a Ruckus system.
A Zonedirector 100 + 6 x zf7341

We created 3 WLANS in 3 different Vlan id's
The zonedirector and AP's are in a seperate Vlan.

If i connect my ipad to one of the Vlans it gets a ip in the range 10.10.70.x
the zonedirector and AP's are in the 10.10.5.x range
i configured our firewal/router/gateway (A sonicwall) to allow all traffic between them
if i connect a laptop i can reach the zonedirector admin page and ping it

When i run the SWATT app, i always get 0.0Mbps throughput??
If i try the SpeedFlex app it says : 0.0bps 100%packet loss

can anybody help?

New Contributor
Hi Martin,

How did you configure the SWAT/Speedflex tests? Are you testing between the iPad and Zone Director, iPad and Access Point, or other? Please double check the IP addresses in the settings.


New Contributor II
Im testing between iPad and zonedirector. Well.... At least that is what I'm trying to do.
My iPad has ip and the zone director is

New Contributor
Just to be sure you have connectivity to the Zone Director, please try loading the Zone Director admin page on the iPad itself.

New Contributor
Also, just to me sure, you did enter these IP addresses in the settings for SpeedFlex, correct? If you made any other settings changes, please include in response.