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MAC address to DEVICE-NAME table?

New Contributor
I'm looking for some sort of way to map MAC addresses to a human readable string (like Steves-iPhone). As I collect and map MAC's I could place them in a Database, Text File, LDAP or Active Directory table. This would make the various management screens easier to track devices for the sake of debugging.

Is this possible? Has anyone done it?

Also, I'm running a ZD1000 with the " build 15" firmware.


You're probably better off using IP addresses there anyway, otherwise you'd be trusting whatever name someone manually configured on their device. (if you're talking about the automatically discovered OS/hostname information provided by Ruckus controllers) ..or maybe you wanted the hostname in addition to the IP/MAC for extra info. I just wouldn't want to automate any action based on user provided hostnames.

New Contributor
This really doesn't address (my) the concern. The problem is that we have a long list in the ACL but we don't know to which device the MAC belongs. What if they haven't logged in?

New Contributor II
Did you look at snmp / MIB to collect this data? There is documentation on this in the downloads section of the support site.

New Contributor
I just upgraded to build 44 and it does as you have asked - I wanted the same thing. My users do not log in. If there is a name set on the device itself, it displays on the Monitor > Active Clients page. I *love* it. Now to just get the users to give more descriptive device name than "My iPad"!

Contributor III
Here's a script that builds an "offline database" (text file) containing mac-address, hostname and operating system of each wifi client.

Each time the script is run, it adds the currently associated clients to the database.

I'm not sure that's what you're looking for.
It's not integrated w/ a GUI, but it is useful for certain commandline / scripted uses.