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MAC address to DEVICE-NAME table?

New Contributor
I'm looking for some sort of way to map MAC addresses to a human readable string (like Steves-iPhone). As I collect and map MAC's I could place them in a Database, Text File, LDAP or Active Directory table. This would make the various management screens easier to track devices for the sake of debugging.

Is this possible? Has anyone done it?

Also, I'm running a ZD1000 with the " build 15" firmware.


New Contributor III
Hello Steven,

I see you contacted support regarding the above mentioned question, kindly let me know if the suggestion provided was useful in resolving your issue or not.


New Contributor
The support agent (via chat) told me there was no official way to do this. I was just reaching out to the community to see if anyone wrote any sort of extensions or tools to make this type of substitution.

Could it become a feature in future versions?


Valued Contributor II
Just for completeness, I'll mention that the workaraound offered was a browser plugin (RegX for Chrome) which essentially does a DOM re-write of the ZD web pages and will substitute (via regular expression matches) one "word" (in this case a MAC address) with another (the name). I would bet GreaseMonkey for FF would be able to do the same (Sorry IE fans...)

I'll have to be blunt - it won't ever happen for the ZD1000. We aren't developing for that platform anymore and 9.3.4 is the last release (ask you reseller about ZD1100 trade-ins though - we're offering some good deals)

I will mention this to our product managers, in particular our ZD Remote App team - we can be a bit more agile with features there.

New Contributor
It would be nice to map names to Mac's. we are using ACLs and I have to keep a spreadsheet so I know whom I have added and not......