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List of all clients and signal strength from ZoneDirector

New Contributor

Has anyone found a way to get a digital list of all clients their signal strength that are connected to a ZoneDirector? I understand there is no API to access this data. I'm thinking of maybe scraping it off the web page or something like that. Does the ZoneDirector keep any of this data in a disk file that cold be accessed?

The application is to merge the signal strength data with other application station from the clients to give the user an overall view of how their application is running. We are running a closed network with hundreds of iPads connected over multiple AP and a ZoneDirector. The original plan was to have the clients report in their signal strength, but it turns out Apple won't let an application access this data in IOS.


Valued Contributor
If I look at my ZD client monitoring page I see 25 ipads connected at present. As screenshot.
I'm only addressing your first query and then as a one-off scenario but it might provoke further "cleverness". I realise you want something far more elegant and automated but I don't know of it.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40e135b77e24793c272_227f88753ee544c7179e8a3c5020fb78_RackMultipart20150309322151k6n-6d2c634e-6476-41c2-b327-1ee38e5317c6-350013214.jpg1425910600

I can then copy paste that data into XL. Another screenie...any help?
[This is a hands on non-automated kludge but at least it gives you something to play with!] 

Image_ images_messages_5f91c40e135b77e24793c272_1b46a1d7182d5d71af2fa1cad059bb64_RackMultipart201503092307718vz-ac83d727-05be-4172-bae4-2576b775e26c-1434673162.jpg1425910726

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That brings up an interesting thought of having my software emulate a browser and copy and paste to a file, and then read the data from the file.

I need updates about every 5 seconds so some type of automation is needed, but you idea is very intriguing. Thanks!

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Not sure a ZD can refresh/update that amount of info (hundreds of ipads) that quickly (5s) and display without significantly impacting overall performance. They are good...but not that good!

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I don't think anything will work as quickly as you'd like but try setting up SNMP and then (on a linux system) type this:
snmpwalk -On -c YOURCOMMUNITYSTRING -v2c -Pe -m ""

(a.k.a. ruckusZDWLANStaSNR)

If those results interest you, try looking here for more info: