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Announcement: SWIPE 2.0 Android now available in Google Store

Esteemed Contributor II
Ruckus is pleased to announce that SWIPE (Smart Wireless Installation &
Provisioning Engine) mobile application is now available in the Google Store.

SWIPE 2.0 Android Release Notes:

1. Supported OS
This release has been tested on the following OSs:
• Android OS v4.2 and above

2. Supported Features
This release includes the following features:
• Bootstrap AP
• Connectivity Check Tool
• Add AP to inventory.
• View AP list sorted by AP name or Proximity or Error
• AP location and step by step directions
• Speedflex test
• Allows Users to configure Access Points remotely by picking the Zone and AP Group
• Includes picture of the AP in the email report
• Support for larger form factor mobile devices

3. Software
Download available from the Google Play store:

New Contributor II
This looks great but I have no idea how to successfully use it...I've logged into my controller, scanned an AP, it appears in the Inventory and in my Controller as provisioned but the AP never connects to the controller. Without any documentation I have no idea what I'm missing. What does bootstrap do??? Do I need to do it? What then?