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Need my **bleep** replaced

New Contributor

My switch and access points are not working and I want them replaced. I have tried all the bull**bleep** self help guides and none work. Either replace it because it has warranty or I will get outside parties involved because y’all don’t want to honor the warranty.



Hi @Jhiggins91 

Can you please confirm if this is a lennar home setup ?

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Valued Contributor II

Form of you request ("My switch and access points are not working and I want them replaced") shows that you need not a Ruckus warranty service, but a help of network professional. It is impossible that all your equipment is faulty (Ruckus equipment faults are very rare, so even 1 bad AP would be something exceptional, but switch and AP -- it is just not realistic). Also, as your post doesn't contain any technical information, just vented frustration, it is clear that problem need to be resolved by somebody, who knows networking and Ruckus products.  Vendor is not responsible that you don't know how to use the product, they are responsible that it is up to specification. 

Before asking for RMA, you have do a few things: 

1. Find what is your warranty and vendors support status (if you bought a product, you have documentation. If you got products as part of the building, than you don't have direct support contract and need to contact home seller).

2. Collect technical details and equipment serial numbers, configuration, etc.

3. Prepare problem description (with screenshots, network diagram, device configurations, addressing, etc). Without this details nobody can help you.

4. Open support case. Even if you can't find details in the 1), you can try to open a case, providing equipment serial numbers. Ruckus support will be able to verify if you have current support contract. Without support contract you can receive limited support (mainly related to evaluate if RMA is needed for equipment with life-time warranty, such as APs).

If you don't have technical knowledge, you can efficiently do mainly 1), so find somebody with network knowledge to help you. This person will be probably help you even without Ruckus support, as usual problem is network  misconfiguration, and I don't believe you really have any faulty Ruckus device  - I have experience with Ruckus for 15+ years, and have seen just a handful faulty Ruckus devices, in most case it was external reason -- mechanical damage, water damage or lightning, and just a 1 AP died after delivery (it was R750, by the way). We have sold thousands of Ruckus APs, and the quality of manufacturing is superb - they never fail.  I have some customers which still use equipment installed in 2007!