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End Customer Delegation to another End Customer


End Customer Delegation to another End Customer


This Support Portal enhancement is about allowing an End Customer to be able to manage another End Customer account.

A Support Portal End Customer User can be linked only to one End Customer Account. However, there is a need for some End Customer Users to be able to manage other End Customers accounts. Like a school district has multiple schools. This feature will allow the IT person to masquerade as IT persons of the other schools and manage their accounts 

To get access to other end customers, end-user contact needs to give viewing permission to the End Customer. Below are the steps that need to be performed to delegate:

Image_ images_messages_61decb3538d5d26f3ec6e702_a87dcd9124efcd9dfab82e260c5ff30a_EDU2-502fb645-b70e-4ed8-86fc-cb8496bb69dd-1598294889.png


  • Enter the email of the user you wish to act on your behalf.
  • The user must be registered to the Support Portal.
  • The user must be A RUCKUS Networks End Customer
  • Click the "Add Delegate" button.
Image_ images_messages_61decb3538d5d26f3ec6e702_f6ab5bde96af9087273ae451cc536e98_EDU3-8275e855-0267-45f8-93de-0f77625c7191-1597371368.png
  • Delegate added. Confirmation needed
Image_ images_messages_61decb3538d5d26f3ec6e702_216c270480c4b466cf6834b2015b6944_EDU4-833b6741-8523-4be8-96e4-a10966e6b016-1596447847.png


  • Email sent to the registered email to confirm
Image_ images_messages_61decb3538d5d26f3ec6e702_4c9fb02f85c372f52bce67954fc8f56b_EDU6-30b91c60-cfa0-41ef-bfc2-9dca9593a9e3-1594600805.png
  • After confirmation, the confirmed status will change to Yes
  • Delegates registered under My Profile
Image_ images_messages_61decb3538d5d26f3ec6e702_a39f952ce35a5f092fbda88fa649b5c5_EDU5-cacb0598-6add-4563-bdc3-33e3720170a4-1595524326.png

Delegatee   - The End Customer user that was delegated to manage the Delegator’s account

Delegator   - The End Customer user that delegates his account to another End

The delegate will have Admin level if Delegator is Admin



Delegatee can view the delegated accounts under Ruckus Dashboard- View Delegated Accounts

Image_ images_messages_61decb3538d5d26f3ec6e702_ffc8873f221cd3714bc77a9090e5f1b1_EDU7-1375893c-71a8-4a2f-b049-0ed8c137f08c-1593677284.png

Once the account is confirmed via email, an account can be viewed under Delegated Accounts and hyperlink to click on the account

Image_ images_messages_61decb3538d5d26f3ec6e702_2294a9e54acbcb03d8ca779903ecef60_EDU15-276d6523-f61e-4b89-875b-4e2b4ecebd20-1968337525.png

Without confirmation cannot click on account and no hyperlink.


Image_ images_messages_61decb3538d5d26f3ec6e702_0d6ec8727c4fba18fd5915fadcb4be1d_EDU14-7a30dc88-9abc-4e1a-b333-9874e0d6d4d3-1967414004.png

Click on the account to manage- An email will be sent to the delegator that you have accessed this account.

Image_ images_messages_61decb3538d5d26f3ec6e702_edb82058616e36b125a3b537cce4df09_EDU10-0995f070-1d2e-4581-a1d4-d07d8968bf7c-1963719920.png




Deleting Delegate

Under Action click Delete.

Image_ images_messages_61decb3538d5d26f3ec6e702_8f9ec05362d4b2396799963d617b3114_EDU9-fd96a94a-9de0-4adc-a50e-fb9f4997ee07-1591830242.png

An email will be sent to both the Delegator and Delegate notifying that Delegate is no longer a Delegate for the specific account.

Image_ images_messages_61decb3538d5d26f3ec6e702_40d5061788b6f9e180524ea715793c7a_EDU12-66c23d95-1be9-4124-a56c-50467bfe6c51-1965566962.png