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Activating the RUCKUS Analytics License


• You must have a RUCKUS Support Portal account (including username and password). You can use this account to access the general Support site.
• Every purchased license has its own unique activation code.
• You receive the activation code in a separate Support Purchase Acknowledgment (SPA) email message for each license.
• Open the SPA email message that you received from RUCKUS and verify the End User Account Information Only a registered user can complete the activation process.
(Smartzone/SO/cloud should be the same name)

• Click the activation Code link in the email message.
• Ruckus sign-on page is displayed, log in
• Verify the licenses to be activated. Accept the terms and conditions and click activate Purchase.

• Click the license entry for RUCKUS Analytics (CLD-ANAP) to activate the license
• In the entitling Your Assets for Support page, select the following options:
• The region where you want to maintain your analytics data. Currently, the supported regions are the US, Europe, and Asia.
• The Controller-type to which to attach the license: On-prem controller (SmartZone) or RUCKUS Cloud controller

Image_ images_messages_614da795352c2350ea66ef84_d2237634710483c43c9daefd59aed6a6_Capture-da63f6f0-cdb0-44ca-9322-f7d9366d2cef-1829665601.PNG
• Activation Confirmation- Entitled Assets: Ruckus Cloud Analytics
Image_ images_messages_614da795352c2350ea66ef84_5f8e2405a9e0e22f07b5f0f15380c8c4_Captur2e-4fccdf1c-4997-4084-b90f-df8f17ac7c78-525244947.PNG
• Verify the asset in LiMan.
Image_ images_messages_614da795352c2350ea66ef84_c2a1a0b3a28b4a649fe25109f5463711_Captu3re-ec0b6b95-4519-473f-8aec-07a6f9381be7-1228863662.PNG