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when using T710 AP's PoE Out port, I Must used power injector?

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I'm studing for outdoor AP...
T710's PoE Out port is compared to other APs (when installation busstop, Kiosk, etc..)
but i can't find Conditions for use PoE out port.

when using T710 AP's PoE Out port, I Must used power injector? or not ?

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i have used POE out port for following reasons in my deployment:
1) powering on CCTV camera
2) powering on P2P device
3) IP phone
please make sure whatever device you connect to POE out should powerup within the POE budget of the POE out port

as far as i know, Outdoor AP can be powered over POE injector or POE switch, as long as POE requirements (with/without POE out) of the AP is taken care. Switch or injector to go for will be defined by your project requirement & not just by POE requirements..

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from datasheet in context of your question:

Power over Ethernet (802.3at) Output with Category 5/5e/6 cable

Power Consumption
• When PoE Out is "not" used -
                       5.5W (minimum)
                      10.4W (typical)
                      25W peak

802.3at PoE Output Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) mode of operation, useful for daisy chaining and powering an additional Mesh AP or another device like an IP Surveillance Camera

Thank you for your reply , it was helpful 

GOD bless you 

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Follow up question on this, if I want to connect a AP Camera to the POE Out port, but the camera  needs to be under a different VLAN (Cameras only) Where can I configure that ?