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vSZ firmware udpate to with R700 possible?

New Contributor
Hello all,
we have vSZ running with R700 and R730.
Can I update to and use the R700 or do i need to exchange them with R710/R730/R750 before? Thanks a lot.

Hi Timothy,

If you need to have AP Zones running older versions of code you MUST create these zones before upgrading the controller.  Only existing zones created when the controller was running the older version of code will have the older AP firmware version available.  New Zones will only have the version of code available when created.  And Ruckus only supports n-2 previous AP code versions.  5.2 code will only support 5.1 and 3.6 versions of AP code. Attempts to upgrade systems with 3.4 versions of AP code should give an error when the SZ is attempted to be upgraded to 5.2

I hope this clears up your question,

Got it. Thanks!

Why are r700s not supported EOL? We have like 100 in our environment.