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vSZ firmware udpate to with R700 possible?

New Contributor
Hello all,
we have vSZ running with R700 and R730.
Can I update to and use the R700 or do i need to exchange them with R710/R730/R750 before? Thanks a lot.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi there,

R700 APs are not supported in 5.2 release. Refer to the below release notes.

You can create a different AP zone with the current firmware(5.1.2) and move the EoL APs. Then you can upgrade the controller to 5.2 firmware.

- Anusha

New Contributor III
Where do I find the ability to assign a specific version of the AP firmware? I have a vSZ that started at 3.6 and now is at 5.1.2 but I don't see any of the previous AP firmware versions unlike the switch firmware.


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Okay, so now I see where in the APs zones to click more and change AP firmware. Is there a reason why some zones show/allow multiple versions  and others only show the current version?

I know in some circumstances, the model of AP might determine which firmware is supported/allowed, but this does not seem to be consistent.


Hi Timothy,

Once the SZ\vSZ is upgraded, we need to manually upgrade the AP zone firmware.
We can leave the Zone without upgrading if some AP models are not supported to the target version. Or I believe it might have left like that since everything was working fine and original intention was to upgrade the controller version.