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vSCG with R300 Zoneflex Error Code 307 - AP Heartbeat Lost

New Contributor II
Hey all,
i'm new here and i have this problem, maybe someone can help.

we have vSCG 2.5 and we wait for the new version, up till now we have 92 R300 Zoneflex in different locations and they all behind NAT.
all the zones configured for Tunnel type GRE.
and it's all works great, but every now and then (approximately 7-10 time a day .per Zoneflex) i receive this outstanding alarm code 307 AP heartbeat lost.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance,
Moran Barashi.

New Contributor II
Hello Paddy, this days i can see allot of 314 Events (heartbeat lost). we have a known problem with the IPVPN Connection between the sites (the R300 on Several Sites and the vSCG on another one).
as i see it, we have 2 options.
Option #1 : increase the time to wait for reply.
Option #2 : upgrade our IPVPN Connection.
we are choose the Second Option, it's just take some time (Municipality work very slow..)

i don't know if it's the same problem we have, what is the architecture on you'r customer's network?

New Contributor
"Your Support service expires in [32] days. " Showing on front panel on ZD interface...
what is this message stand for..