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vSCG with R300 Zoneflex Error Code 307 - AP Heartbeat Lost

New Contributor II
Hey all,
i'm new here and i have this problem, maybe someone can help.

we have vSCG 2.5 and we wait for the new version, up till now we have 92 R300 Zoneflex in different locations and they all behind NAT.
all the zones configured for Tunnel type GRE.
and it's all works great, but every now and then (approximately 7-10 time a day .per Zoneflex) i receive this outstanding alarm code 307 AP heartbeat lost.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance,
Moran Barashi.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I would say, we should not compare the ping results between a pc connected wired & wireless, there are lot of difference in the way they get access to the medium to send the data.

Moreover the heartbeat is originated from the AP, so doing a ping test from a client behind the AP is different.

Regarding the incorrect time for the heartbeat alarm, this needs some more data, to find the root cause of this. Could you please go ahead and open a support case, so that we can provide you the steps to collect the required data in finding the reason for this issue.

New Contributor II
Thank you very much.
I'll do that first thing tomorrow morning.

It was a pleasure.
Moran Barashi

New Contributor
I have the same problems with multi R300. Could you guys post the answer here?

Community Manager
Community Manager
Daniel, the reason for this error message has been explained on this thread, but the root cause may be different and depends on the network setup.

To find the root cause, we require certain data from your network. Please could you open a support case, so we can provide you the steps to collect the required data.

New Contributor III
Hello Moran, Did you get to the bottom of this problem at all? We are experiencing something very similar where a high number of heartbeat lost events are showing on 4 APs on one customer. It would be good to know what you found to be the cause.