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vSCG with R300 Zoneflex Error Code 307 - AP Heartbeat Lost

New Contributor II
Hey all,
i'm new here and i have this problem, maybe someone can help.

we have vSCG 2.5 and we wait for the new version, up till now we have 92 R300 Zoneflex in different locations and they all behind NAT.
all the zones configured for Tunnel type GRE.
and it's all works great, but every now and then (approximately 7-10 time a day .per Zoneflex) i receive this outstanding alarm code 307 AP heartbeat lost.

any suggestions?

thanks in advance,
Moran Barashi.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Hi Moran,

This alarm occurs when the AP heartbeat is lost. AP's sends out heartbeat messages (also called as Keepalives) to vSCG at a regular interval.

If a heartbeat message is not received at the vSCG for a certain period, it will raise a “heartbeats lost” alarm.

If there is a consecutive heartbeat lost messages for a defined period, then the vSCG will raise a “Lost contact to AP” alarm and show the AP as Disconnected.

The issue here is sometimes the heartbeat messages from the AP's are not reaching the vSCG, this is possible since the AP's are placed on different locations and behind NAT and has to communicate with vSCG over the internet.

New Contributor II
Thank you Gomathi for the response,

do you thing that if i change the interval for the heartbeat or the the timeout for it, it will stop?

and if so, where do i config thous settings?
(found the interval only on the access point configurations)

Moran Barashi

Community Manager
Community Manager
Moran, it is not recommended to change these intervals. If this continues, I would suggest checking the packet drop rate (if possible) on the edge routers, where the vSCG & AP's are connected.

New Contributor II
Thanks Gomathi,
i'll look for that.

if i may, another question, i noticed that some of the errors occur 2 hours later then the current time, and i saw in the Configuration>>vSCG System>>System Time
that SCG System Time is 2 hours later, but the SCG System UTC Time is current time.
when i log in the vSCG and run "show clock" it's the correct time.

what is that mean?!
and where do i change that "SCG System Time"?
(i use NTP :, and it's updating.)

thank you very much,