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user logs out of 802.11x and cyebroam firewall when roaming from AP to another

New Contributor II
I have ZD 1100 set up with 12 7363 APs , i have one SSID using 802.11x Radius authentication through windoes server 2008 , Cyberoam UTM firewall is set as accounting server to log users in to firewall automatically , the problem is when a user roam from AP to another the ZD sends a log out event to the cyberoam which logs the user out of the firewall and hence the user loses internet connection is dropped for about 30-60 seconds untill the ZD sends cyberoam another reauthentication request. how do i prevent Ruckus ZD from sending a stop or log out event to the accounting server when the user is raoming and not disconnected.

Esteemed Contributor II
You might need to configure the Cyberoam device to allow 30-60 seconds before considering a user to be disconnected.
Every time an 802.1x client roams, it will perform re-authentication.

New Contributor II
The cyberoam has no such option , is there an option to delay the sending of log off stop accounting packet for 30-60 seconds or even stop sending stop packets all together?

New Contributor II
For anyone whos has the same problem , Actually found the solution in this article
roaming-acct-interim-update has to be enabled throug cli to stop sending start/stop accounting requests while roaming . now SSO with cyberoam firewall is working flawlessly ,theoretically should work with any firewall .