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LAN IP change, ZoneDirector 1100, WAPs in wireless mesh

New Contributor II
WAPs are in wireless mesh with two of them hard wired. I am planning to change local subnet, but worrying that I will loose access to WAPs.
What are the best practices here? All WAPs have statically defined IPs. Does it make sense to switch them to DHCP and once they get IPs from the new pool, change back to static?

I did this too a month ago. I found another thread here somewhere that suggested adding a secondary ZD address in Config/Access Points. The secondary is the new address. Let that sync out to the ap's (I think I let it this way for a whole day to make sure!) then do the LAN address changes, and the ap's get DHCP on the new address scheme, then find the ZD at the new address which is still set as secondary. Then you can put the new address as primary and, if needed, delete the secondary.
I did this when moving the LAN from a 192.168 scheme to a 10.1 scheme, and it worked great.
Edit - I use mesh too. I have 2 root AP's and 5 mesh AP's, including 1 or 2 ap's on a 2nd hop of mesh, and the above procedure worked fine.

Great, thanks. And yes, I saw this thread regarding secondary address.
My only issue is that APs are not using DHCP now, they all have static IPs. I don't think adding secondary address on ZD will instruct APs to use DHCP from the new pool.
When you did this, did you have your APs on DHCP?

Yes, my APs are on DHCP. But I personally don't see this as a big issue. Change your ZD and make sure that you still have a way, on the new scheme, or before you switch to the new LAN addressing, to access your APs to change them manually.
What I would do rather is add the secondary ZD address, record the current AP statics (if necessary), then change all APs to DHCP, then change your ZD address, then after all the APs have gotten DHCP on the new scheme and synced to the ZD, change them back to statics.
Just my thoughts, maybe another Ruckus guru can give better direction.

Thanks, looks like this will be my plan.
How much time it took your APs to get new IP addresses? I am not sure if changing ZD IP will force APs to send DHCP requests...