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stand+alone+r300 not responding to url login page

New Contributor II
Trying to setup R300. Setup up pc using quick setup guide. Powered on AP to steady green. AP does not respond to url request at However it does reply to pings. Please help

Esteemed Contributor II
Hi Jim,

   Here are my questions and thoughts that follow them.

   Do you have a local router serving DHCP?  The AP will look for an address
before going with the default IP.  If you have one and access to it, look for your
AP MAC address in lease table. 

   Good to wait for the AP to go full green on the PWR LED before trying to find it. 
If you only connect PC/AP to a PoE port for access, have you pre-configured your
PC to a 192.168.0.x (other than .1) IP address; or, does your PC pull an IP from your
network if you connect thru the R300 ethernet Pass-Through or LAN/Uplink ports?



New Contributor II
PC preconfigured to static ip set to with a gateway of Connected AP uisng POE. AP did not respond to url request using IE. I was able to ping the AP.

Esteemed Contributor II
Your PC address setup should be fine.

If you press the indented Hard Reset button (not Soft) for 8+ seconds before release, it should factory default the AP to IP address.

Is your PC and the AP the only devices on the PoE switch?  How about when your PC goes thru the Pass-Through port?

Can you open an HTTP session to the IP address (login with 'super' uid, pw of 'sp-admin' if it comes up) using FF or Chrome? 
If so, what version code is it running?

New Contributor II
I was finally able to access the AP. I did as you suggested and connected to my switch and gathered the IP address of the AP from the table. I was able to login using the switch assigned IP address with the default user and password. I upgraded the firmware and configured the AP. I am logged into the AP now and browsing. Thanks for the help. Keep up the great advice.