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skype connectivity problem on WLAN (wired is OK on same VLAN)

New Contributor
I have repeated problem with skype for users who are using WLAN. On wired infrastructure (also using the same VLAN) users does not experience any problems.

Any idea how to start troubleshooting? Chances that this is due to some bottlenecks is minimal as performance tests does not show any significant impact on throughput.

Esteemed Contributor II
Perhaps, bottlenecks at the WAN interface to ISP should be monitored, but backup here should
probably affect all application users.

When wired performs well but not wireless, you need to look at the particular AP that clients seem
to be having problems on.  The AP support info file, has an Athstats section for 2.4g and 5g radios
that will show if there is an interfernce source near the AP, when changing channels might help. 
They also have individual connected client MAC details about RSSI and PER that are user location
specific, related to distance from the AP and possible interference sources near the client.  Do all
clients on that AP have a Skype performance problem at the same time, or do only 1-2 of the total
have a problem?  This is what to investigate to get an idea if client wireless connections are impacting
the application, and if it might be AP or specific client related.  You need to collect the specific AP's
support info, when users are connected and reporting problems.

New Contributor
Thanks for suggestion. Let me take test and see what will be the conclusion. Hopefuly next time I will report what solution was.

New Contributor III
Hello! You should see the amount of users connected to the AP and if you can do it, you should do a test with ping to check the times, the voice is very sensitive so if your times are kinda high the communication would be really bad.