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script to turn off either 2.4 or 5Ghz?

New Contributor II
I need to calibrate our network for spot, but in order to do so we need to disable each band while testing the other.
We are running on a vSZ and the only option I can see is to go in on each AP and disable WLAN under the specific radio.
I have tried to see if I could find a command on the ap to do it but just cant seem to find something that can help me. Anyone got any ideas on how to turn of one radio for alot of ap's at once?

ok, good to know, never did test this, thanks

Yeah, obviously its not something one would need everyday, but its good to know when you have to turn of the radio X number of access point for calibration 😛 Luckily the network we are testing on is not that big, but for some of our clients it is gonna be hell, turning for the radio manually on each AP times 100-150....

Hi Rasmus,

Below is the command to disable WLAN on the AP.

set state {up|down}


rkscli: set state wlan0 up

To disable WLANs from ZD's CLI on all APs below command  can be used.

ruckus(debug)#remote_ap_cli –A set state down.

To disable WLANS from vSZ's CLI, below command can be used.

remote ap-cli "AP CLI Command"


vSZE35GARNAMEST# remote ap-cli 8C:0C:90:26:0E:E0 "set state wlan0 up"

The same can also be achieved using AP-CLI Script.

set state wlan0 up

Please change the AP firmware version according to your setup and upload it under,
Diagnostics>>Scripts>>AP-CLI Script and execute it.

So you can create individual script to disable 2.Ghz wlans (wlan0-26) and 5Ghz (wlan32-58), then you can run any one at once on your AP Zone and calibrate Spot.

The below method can be used on the vSZ/SZ set-up.

Please create a WLAN Group without selecting any WLANs in it and assign it to AP-Group or particular AP, now on these radios the SSIDS should not show up.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c463135b77e247a57634_1f588b730cc2b42fd9c4d8a931668a68_RackMultipart20170818941141jrw-0c309f32-90ef-456e-bc10-be173f9af595-1768808196.jpg1503063859

Image_ images_messages_5f91c463135b77e247a57634_08c517c4620e290f73168bdf498a9302_RackMultipart20170818922021t96-413bb9d5-607d-4d60-9284-73aba286fd69-1540664171.jpg1503063798

In case of ZD there is an option to enable and disable WLAN Services in the AP Group, but the same is not available in vSZ/SZ AP Group settings.

Image_ images_messages_5f91c463135b77e247a57634_5003c539a98177830363cc7a4c0af966_RackMultipart2017081835405cpgj-8d725987-6279-4f71-8540-65477d2b3c68-609301996.jpg1503063532

The above are the available options to disable WLANs in ZD/vSZ/SZ. I hope this would be helpful.

Abilash PR.